Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Knowledge and Energy

Before, I love to watch the show of late Ernie Baron after the News of Tv patrol he is the one to give us the information about weather and some informative things around us. He always said "kapag may knowledge may power" which is really true. We need knowledge in order for us to cope up in life. I want to share also the saying " A man with knowledge , but without energy, is a house furnished but not inhabited; But without knowledged, is a a house dwelt in but unfurnished. "


Maria said...

Kumsuta na ate? I agree with you ate maus. Knowledge is power. Great power, great responsibility by spider-Man.

I have an award for you. Hope you grab them. Muah!

RJ said...

Napakaganda ng mensahe. Sa buhay, kailangan talaga natin ang mga kaalaman.

Speaking of informative TV shows, nandyan naman ngayon si Kuya Kim ah. "Sa bawat pagsubok ng buhay, sa bawat pagsubok ng panahon, laging tandaan ang buhay ay weather, weather lang!"

Heto pang isa, "Walang palalampasin, lahat sisiyasatin, lahat aalamin... Ito po si Kuya Kim, Matanglawin!"

Nanonood po ba kayo nito?

maxi said...

true. i also miss ernie baron. we usually watch tv patrol till the end just to see him delivering the weather report and of course, his knowledge tips before saying goodbye. he seemed to be a nice person. most pinoys miss him on telly.

i love the message you left by the way on this post. really touching and awakening. thanks.

by the way, i am now following you on your blog. i hope that you will also follow my blog.t hanks