Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nice weather

Im glad today because i see the sunshine that bring my mood positively, sometimes when we encounter the bad weather our moods can be affected too. It is true that the weather really affect our moods? For yes , because if too much rain and the clouds are there i feel down. I rather stay at home rather that going out. I feel so lonely and bored the whole day and feeling sick. "_"


BOGCESS said...

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Weng Forsgren said...

hello Fe,
musta ka na hope your feeling good.
May tag pala ako sayo, you can grab it kung kaya ng mood mo.
It is also ok if you can't grab it.
take care always....because you really need it.

Dhemz said...

dito din te..the weather was great...pre spring na din kasi...musta na dyan...nako agree ako sayo...better to stay at home and be sa paglalabas ka ..nako baka mapapano kapa....tapos the scary part is pag slippery yung daan..nako...hehhe..kaya ingat lagi!

Mariz said...

Ako naman, kabaligtaran -- i'm a "rainy day" loving person. Enjoying having to just curl up in bed with a good book when the weather is cool. Have grown to appreciate and miss the rains especially after moving to Dubai, where it hardly rains at all.

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Clarissa said...

I hope that you are fine by now...
Have a nice day!^_^