Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't Drink and Boat

There is a saying about safety driving, don't drink while driving it is almost the same while we are planning to have our boating we need to follow the rules of boating. My husband always follow the rules about boating when we be in fishing and driving the boat we see to it we need to wear our life jacket and the clothing for fishing. Please do remind also that never drink an alcohol it is not simple to drive when you drink any kind of liquor . Your life could be in danger not not only you but your passenger as well. To know more about the laws about boating we need to undergo training and order for us to pick up some tips that could be helpful in some other way. Don't Drink and Boat summer is just around the corner and if were planning to go out and enjoy the beach, riding the boat and going around don't drink while riding the boat . If so please do remind that we need to register if we have a watercraft vehicles. Doing these we just inform the government that we are inform about the laws and regulations of boating and the government can guide us what we can do in boating. Because we never know the accident is just around us better to be safe than neglect our safety.


Malou said...

thanks for the information dearest they say SAFETY FIRST.. right? ayyyyttt :-)

shydub said...

Good reminders and info to all, thanks for sharing it. we never go wrong if we always follow the rules.

Clarissa said...

it's like don't drink if u drive,don't drive if u drink!Good reminders to all of us!!