Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pattern of Communication

Everyday we encountered different kinds of people around us, as they said that we need people sorround us . Different people , different attitude. Here are three characteristics of each one of us.

Which one would you prefer?
Passive- Setting oneself to be manifulated which is detrimental to self esteem and leads to poor image. Most passive person are pleasing the other at the expense of a hurt or disgusted self meaninglessly.
Aggressive- Overly extend one's personal freedom into other's space. Mostly the person with aggressive attitude tend to act that they are the best and doesn't care whtat the other feels.
Assertive- Does not violate the rights of others wihle expressing one's right, rather respect and treat the person who asks as Okey for asking or what you choose not to grant. A person with assertive attitude is more confident with himself, he does not make an effort to impress but simply express.

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