Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stars and Me

Lou and I speaking about our special day and our special attitude that we had. I tried this one and it is a compliment to lou to share this star meaning of life. I think most of the words described here is absolutely describe my personality. But the description Scorpio the addict person - an addicted person to the things that i want to do. Thanks LOU for sharing this!
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Clarissa said...

wow!!I'm a scorpion,too!!

RJ said...

Ako ay under sa Virgo.

Minsan ang mga isinusulat na 'yan totoo naman. Huhmn, siguro nga dahil halos lahat naman ng mga characteristics ay inilalagay nila. U

Malou said...

thanks for the special mention bru! hehe
talk to you later girl :-)