Friday, November 14, 2008

The boss-1

When we say boss he/she is the one always a leader for us and we are only their follower. Sometimes they are always the one to say the right things to do. We don't have the right to complain, as a rules of a military men obey first before you complain. By this how did you complain if you already obeyed their command.. funny things..when i was in high school i am a member of model platoon in CAT one of the officer is my closed friend we be a sit-mate in the classroom and copying each of us assignment ...when they select a cadet for commanding she selected me and she whispered just follow me what i commanded to you. She wanted me to bring her a black rose, oh my gosh even a red one i cant see it around in the school how much more the black one.

I followed her without hesitation, it's my big problem that time how to have a black rose to bring to her. Now she counted 1 to 10 just to form a formation and bring all those things she commanded us. Oh my!... what i did was i got my black pen and a paper and drew a rose and shaded it with the same black ink and i write it under " black rose". For that idea I've been never have my punishment to execute a duck walk around the campus. After a training my close friend asked me where did you get those idea?..! i answered her in time like those u need to create your imagination which impress your bosses. Just sharing here folks!

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