Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Real Boss

When the Lord made man, all the parts of the body argued over who would be boss.
The Brain explained that since he controlled all the parts of the body, he should be boss of the followings body parts. But the Legs argued that they should be boss for all, since they could take the body anywhere it wanted. While the stomach said no , no , no I'm not agreed that explanation, for that I'm the one digested the food, i kept the body healthy without my worked the body could have no nutrients to become healthy so he pronounced that he is the Boss for the rest of others. The eyes disagree too...why you, Brain, Legs, Stomach should be the boss among all. I did not agreed though for that. I'm the one who gave vision without my function you are not be able to see where he was going so therefore he is the boss of the rest. ... Oh my ...what was the ending they are the boss of each of everyone.. Then the last but not the least the Rectum spoke up and applied his job. All of them laughed so hard.. embarrassed the rectum closed up.

After a few days, the Brain got so foggy; the legs became wobbly; the Stomach became ill; and the Eyes closed and could not see anymore. Soon they all concede that the Rectum should be boss for all of them. .. which just goes to prove that you don't have to be Brain to be a boss; just an Ass. Yes this could be true, some people who are much proud for themselves that look down the people surrounded them they are like the rest of the body that wanted to be the boss but in reality your not the real boss . They are much more talented people surrounded by us but they don't show his talent because of some reasons they could considered. Lesson i learn don't' dis valued other people cause we don't know their secret weapon. For me itself i encountered people like the brain , legs , stomach and eyes represented here in the story they act like a boss specially they saw your so kind and very considerable in all the things . Its better like rectum just closed and do your job as compared to those laughing against him. ..
Just sharing some folks!


amiable amy said...

I find it ewww but sensible...the story has a deeper meaning.Thanks for sharing, i had that story in my first grade class, only no rectum.The main character is the tummy...anyways, it somehow emphasized same moral.In reality, we really can't please everybody. If we encounter such attitude of friends, just give way and find another circle. I handle it that way. Goodluck my friend.

the donG said...

nice post maus. i believe God created us equally in different aspects. so it's in us to discover what it is.

sunny said...

waaaaaaaaaah maus hindi ako dito nkkbisita...haiz na miss ko dito maki base (makicomment),heheheheh! balik ako dito bukas, mgouout n kasi ako,heheheh! tc kabayan!