Friday, November 7, 2008


Hot or cold, day and night cereal is the perfect as our body fuel. This is not only good for breakfast but some people tried to do it as a food diet. While cereal's has full of vitamins and nutrients. It's ample carbs of fiber and has minerals in every meal. Here are some kinds of cereal's
The old fashioned and quick cooking instant oats- it is flattened and chopped easy to prepare and just add milk and sugar. If you want to add fruits on it its a good idea.
I encountered here another kind of cereals , they called it MUSLI with different dried seeds inside like sunflower seed, squash etc., and dried fruits and whole grains. The preparations for this is so simple no need to cook just poor out fresh milk then you have a delicious meal. (Sorry guys I'm not an avid fan for this musli). I'm just a typical eater to old fashion or the traditional one oatmeal.
And the other type was the Granola, This cereals is made of oats and barley or other grains too. Granola provides good amounts of fiber and carbs along with nutrients from dried fruits and nuts. Its bring different preparation you can add a little bit granola to plain yogurt or mix it with another cereal, you have now crunchy and tasty dessert! Enjoy eating folks!


monica said...

Love cereals! especially with almonds. Your post made me hungry.. hehe. Take care!

Weng F. said...

nakatikim ako ng cereal long time ago, at only once haha. what a rem. I like the taste.

Maus said...

hi monica
when i got allergy cereals is my only food.

bili ka bukas ng cereal para naman masundan yun remembrance mo .lol

abahrafi said...

Love cereals, but in here in my country loved rice....

Mariz said...

I love cereals with banana and strawberry, but since banana is the most affordable i stick to that :)

Kim said...

Great Post...I love cereal!
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sunny said...

sarap naman! heheheheh! what comes to my mind when i hea about cereals, kiddoes food,heheheheheh! but love to eat large grain cereals, hmmmm yummy!

sunny said...

esp cereals with cinnamon and apple slices,ehehehehhe!

chubskulit said...

hubby and rylie love cereal.. mapili ako pagdating dyan heheh..

Cecile said...

never heard of musli cereal, i'd like to try it someday ;-)

love cereal, hot or cold it doesnt matter :-) have a nice night dear!

Weng F. said...

visiting you here, to see if theres new. ako rin walang new hehe.


Malou said...

cereals looked yummy but it just doesn't appeal to me I preferred rice instead