Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy thanks giving

I never experienced thanks giving party here in Germany, they are not celebrated a thanks giving party here . At least in PI i feel a little bit about this celebration of thanks giving. Anyway i had in my mind why they used Turkey for a thanks giving instead of another meat?! what is the symbols / relations of turkey to the thanks giving sorry guys for this kind of wonders in my mind. I'm just so curious / innocence for this thoughts. We have different cultures and beliefs. Hope you all enjoyed the said Party.


sunny said...

i googled it and i found out its because of the abundance of turkey during the 16th century, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth,hehehehe! hope this info is correct...take care kabayan!

Ruthi said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you. Take care.

Dhemz said...

hahah....I am just like you tfaye..have no idea why they have TGD here...and why they uses turkey.,,,ehhehe...this is my 4th year celebrating it...and for me it is just a regular holiday..kaya lang ang naiba is yung centerpiece...which is the turkey...I don't like turkey..I hate the smell..ewww...yucky...hehe!

Maria said...

Dear Maus, Howdy? About the Thanksgiving we have 35 lbs of turkey. It was large enough to feed more than one family.

About your Q's? I presume it was because the Native Americans introduced the bird to the Pilgrims (but not necessarily on Thanksgiving Day). Benjamin Franklin felt that turkey was the right choice because it was a good runner and had a sharp sight. A bald eagle later became the national symbol of America. That is what I know.

Anyway, You got a smile award check my new post.take care.