Friday, November 21, 2008

On going Journey

One of the pleasant things in the world is going in a journey. The soul of the journey is liberty to think to feel do just as one pleases be yourself and ignore some of the worries. When we going out and driving around i feel free of all impediments and of all inconveniences i leave myself behind i just enjoy the trip. Just because i want a little breathing space to muse on indifferent matters.
Be on myself for a while is something worthful and amount less enjoying those moment is such an experience that we can say life is beautiful in spite of some earthly things. I like and love to be either entirely to myself or entirely at the disposal of others; to talk to ,to be silent sometimes, to walk or to sit still to be sociable or solitary. We enjoy our journey and we know our directions but in reality we don't know the real destination that god provide or set for us alone. Life is miraculous in some other way folks!


Weng F. said...

your right,lets try to forgot those difficult times, and enjoy ourselves instead.Let us give ouselves a break para makahinga and takea deep breath.

Our Loving Life said...

I totally agree. Its nice to go see beautiful places every once in while, just to take a deep breath and ejoy the view is so relaxing..