Saturday, November 1, 2008

A walk to remember in November

When i think about November it comes into my mind that its a color black month i don't know why i just only figured out in my imagination, maybe because this is the month where we celebrated the soul of our departed ones. Every all soul's day my grandmother always bring me with her to the cemetery to light a candle for my grandpa and our other dead , clean the grave and offer flowers. I really value that practice from my grandmother. She offer also prayer at night of the first of November together with the family.. i never forget that we answered a Latin prayer..."ORATION OBIS" (i don't know the right spelling) i only remember it.
Missed my life with full of time to pray together with my parents and sister ,cousin and my old parents, they are religiously dedicated to say a prayer in every religious occassion. Now that they are gone i offer my prayers to all of them.


Joops said...

Yeah, that's what Rose told me too... She misses the time where you can go and visit the love ones who departed.

shengy said...

i miss my grandma..she also taught me how to pray novena for the dead..

faye said...

which i really miss here... ask

good practice as a filipino..

Tey said...

u can still pray by yourself or with the people you are with right now.
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