Thursday, March 4, 2010

My past time

The last time that I was not busy not attending to much errands as of today. I love to create my ability to finish my hand work cross stitch. And I loved it after a long time that gave my best to finished. Having your own creation is something worthful, rewarding and interesting in my side. Imagine we give our 100% best for it just to be it. My mother in law have an interest with hand work hobbies. She shared to me one of those hobbies. She bought a set of it, it is a simple cross stitch with pattern. And she let me try to finish it during winter time. But I wanted to make it beautiful, it could be nice if I put it in a frame. To look at it as an especial one I need to try an art framing Temecula . It could be so sorry if we dont keep our work in a good position. Imagine that we pour out our perspiration on it and obcourse we spent an amount for the materials. We only consider that all of us is an artist on our own way. We need to show our talent even if it could not worthy to others.

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