Thursday, March 11, 2010


We are busy this afternoon hubby take his half day off. We need to visit Seb Physical therephist. We spent 30 mins there for Seb some exercise and massage. After that we go to the notary public for my affidavit to send in PI for my SSS claim. At 5 pm we go again to my denstist appointment. And be home at 7 pm while the twins hungry and tired...Wahh life must be go on!


Wengss said...

endeed a busy day for both of you..
thats life lalo na pag may kids. pero ok lang dahil masaya ka rin naman diba? :):)pag masaya masarap ang buhay.

chubskulit said...

Grabe kabusy sang nanay dyan lol... Nata may theraphy si Zeb mads?

Maus said...

thanks weng...alam ko bz ka din hehe

Mads rose,
Advised kan pedia ninda daog panu ni maiko si seb mahina mga muscles. as of now okey na din. it takes 3 mos to 6 mos once a week ang excercise nya hehe.