Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today is the end of the month so we see to it to visit a place where we offer a lighted candle. At the same time our respect for the upcoming holy week. The place where we visited once a month or everytime was the place where there is a group huge of old churches. They have 4 closes churches to each other. The first time I saw this place I felt I am so holy. One I admired there most was the group of the people who are joining a pilgrimage. They are from other countries or town that devoted there time to offer their devotion as a devotee. You can also took picture inside the historic churches or around the area. Or send some postcards to your loveones. The postcards that they offer are really amazing. As a matter of fact I bought some and sent it to my close friends. They really love it and asking where it was. Sending a postcard is like something for me because through it I can share to them the place where I visited. How the sorroundings and beauty of the places where I enjoy with. I wish and hoping that some of my friend remember me to include to their list as a postcard reciever if they sent one.

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Wengss said...

hello Faye,
Happy Easter!