Monday, March 29, 2010

Banner Stands

Yesterday was Palm Sunday back when in Philippines I was enjoying to attend this especial sunday. In preparation for the holy week. Also we bring palm to be blessed by the priest. But in todays time election fever in Philippines some people are busy to join the campaign for their own politicians. And put their own paraphernalia just to show the support for them. Not even in the PI where the banner of candidates are displayed. As I Observed here in Germany they have also some banner that put in a certain area. To pick up the attention of the people they need to do it. Some of them used cheap banner stands which is available everywhere. Where you can put big posters on it. It is reliable for the weather when the wind blows strongly. My friend told me about this when they had an especial occassion just to gave a support for his cousin. They used tarpholin to print the picture of his cousin then used a banner stands. I think this is part of technology which is really developed from basics. Not like before if you observed photos or some advertisement or announcement was just on the wall of the stablisment.

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