Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Pets

Most of us love to have our own pet in the house. It could be according to our wish and interest. Hubby love to have fish. He love fishing as one of his hobbies. He decided to have an aquirium and from time to time he added more fishes. From one of our fair of janitor fish they have more babies and we decided to have another small aquirium for them. To take care the eggs of the fish until it hatched. Since we have an aquirium hubby collected some books of fishes to learn and know more about them. What kind of fishes can combine in aquirium. One of our friend has an interest about Hermit Crab Pet he mention about it. And my hubby advise him to read more about it. He also added too to look some advisable books about hermit. It could be possible to him to find one so that his plan will be successful animals lovers. Having pet's inside in our home could be relaxing yet enjoying in our part. Although it take also time and effort to take good care of them like cleaning, feeding yet rewarding. We need also to show to them that they are part of our family.

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