Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saw Blades From Tool Company

Last Saturday was the starting of spring here in Germany. We go around and look for something that we can do when the full spring come. In the moment our weather is not too good. A little bit dark outside and rain come from time to time. Just early in the morning the sun shine. How I wish sun must continue to shine the whole week. The sorrounding are slowly green the trees are still awake from long sleeping time during winter. The green department will cut some branches of those trees who are old enough. They used saw blades just to have fine cutting edge. And planted more flowering plants in the street and park. I love roaming around during spring and summer because you dont need to wear heavy clothes. You can see also busses parked in parking lots for the tourist. Most of them are old folks people who visiting historic places.
Since Spring started Summer will be the next whom the people are wearing there smile when the sun is there. Lots of things in the market that you can buy to prepare things. We bought also orchids as a replacement for those old one that my husband has. He love orchids that is why I must need to agree rather than to disagree.

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