Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Your First Step to a Brighter Smile

Are you aware about oral hygiene? Yes I am so rediculous about oral hygiene. I see to it that i brush my teeth three times a day. Just to be sure that no cavities staying in my gums. And to avoid bad breath which is not good when somebody smell it. Remember that smile is the important gesture that attract somebody else. So we need to take good care of our teeth specially. It is not too good to smile when your teeth is not in order. Taking care of it is the best things we do, brushing our teeth after meal and avoid eating too much sweets. Remember that going to the Dentist is expensive. So we need to used effective dental products in order to maintain our teeth healthy. Using MI Paste Plus is a big help for our teeth to become healthy. This is made of topical with bio-available calcium and phosphate. And brings our teeth into a Nite White where rebuilds our tooth enamel making the tooth stronger and less susceptible to carries. As my dentist advise it is better to use rota dent electric toothbrush because by using this kind of toothbrush your gums is safe and it is effective to remove carries compare to the normal toothbrush that you used.

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