Sunday, May 31, 2009

Voip Power

Living far away from home is a little bit harder for us. Especially during the special occassion in the family we need to call them and greet them. But calling and talking to them our homesick and worries become lesser. But calling Internationally using cellphones or landline is really expensive. On my case I need to budget and limit the time when I talk to them. I called my parents and sibling once a month or during the time that I really need to talk to them. From this my friend suggested me about voip service he said that this is a new technology today if you have an broadband or internet connection in your house you can enjoy their services. As a matter of fact when I was still there in the Philippines he called me to my landline and we talked unlimitedly. (Voip means voice Over Internet Protocol or Voice Over Provider). For only $14.95 /mo you can enjoy the unlimited calling, just sign up today and it will guarantee an excellent savings to your pocket. Grab now the opportunity of the new technology while the price is still right.

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Malou said...

thanks for this information bru