Saturday, May 16, 2009

Norwegian Grill Party

Me and Hannie co member - Norwegian Club (taken last year)
Just finish my food...

Taken last year at Hannie's house May 2008 at ISSUM northrhein Westfallen-

Tomorrow Sunday hubby asked me if i want to attend the grill party in our Club. The Norwegian Club have the invitation which is yearly activities. One celebration for the Month of May and Big summer celebration for the month of June. The gatherings held in Issum one of the house of our co member. All of us need to bring our own food and drinks and paraphernalia for BBQ grills. I dont know if my mind is change tomorrow if we attend or not. Im not in the mood this time doing our round in BBQ feast.


Malou said...

bru padaan digdi


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

wow bbq. ako na lang ang aattend sa bbq feast nyo..substitute! lol! ^_^ happy weekend.

chubskulit said...

I wont blame you mads, I dont like going to parties when i was pregnant..

Anonymous said...

wow ang sarap nman nyan...favorite ko ang bbq...hehehe...mahilig ka rin pla sa mga old songs glad at meron na ako partner...few nlang kc ang mahilig sa 80/90's song...As of now most of the people like lagi..God bless.


Clarissa said...

mahirap kasi pag ganyang buntis eh lalo na sa kalagayan mo ngayon.kaya if you feel don't like to go ok lang,maiitindihan ka naman ng asawa mo nyan eh.

Ingat ka palagi!^_^