Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas market

Last Saturday one of my Filipina friend here in Germany, also the god mother for my twins. Was invited us to attend christmas market in Oberhausen. It took one and half hours of driving from our place. We drove as conboi first we went to an asian shop and bought some items there. We found out that these asian shop offered more compare to their in Nimwegen were we visited most of the time. Hubby decided to go back there just the two of us ( we dont bring our twins) and invite our friends for our convenient shopping. We're planning to go back there before christmas to buy some for our noche buena.
Well the christmas market was lots of people going around. Also the mall was full of shoppers and as I observed more christmas decoration was hanging all over the place.


chubskulit said...

Binunyagan na mads sina kambal?

Maus said...

eu na mads kan January pa 6mos sinda that time. nasa fb ko so photos kan binyag ninda. taga blog lamang ta itakla an brain ko. hehe