Thursday, November 18, 2010

How can I start again

Planning to go back in my blogging world but I dont have any ideas what to write and what to do. Well I am now on the stage of eagerness but no time for all. Meaning Busy to the max aside from compiled ideas stock on my mind. Hard to find time for my extra curricular activities as they said. Hoping to have extra time for myself soon.

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Malou said...

kawawa naman si mommy pabaysana bru basta yaun an idea mo pagnagka time ka na madali mo lang maisurat. si agum ugmahun kanina ta first time nya makadakup opp. tig submit ko kya sa blogvertise so blog nya 4 days ago tapos kanina tinawan na sya opp 15 dollar for one opp three links. i hope makadakup ka man ta sayang ay basta magka time ka na ngani para maogma. ala cge babay na muna makaturog na ako