Friday, November 26, 2010

Mantel Clock

Winter is just around the corner. On what will be the next, it will be our favorite month December. What we had have during the month of December? Obcourse the never ending Christmas parties, exchanging gifts and more foods on the table prepared. During these time we have a wish for our families. My wish was a good health for my twins, my husband and me. Also including my family in the Philippines it is so expensive to be sick. Aside from these unmaterial things we have an material wish for ourselves. As we go around inside the mall I saw one thing there that I wish I have one for christmas. It was a clock but not an ordinary one, a mantel clocks that suit in our living room. Somehow it could be a good decoration as well. My mother in law have one on this kind of clock. Nice one she put it hanging on the wall in one corner of her apartment. One of my twins is so amazed when the old clock make a tic tac. He's smile cant pay, maybe he wondering where the tic tac comes. That is the one of the reason why I wish for one of these kind.

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