Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Phone Cards and Calling Cards

Leaving a family is not easy task for us. When I traveled going here in Germany I asked myself that i am ready to face my new life in other places?My husband is very supportive he told me that I dont need to worry because he is always there beside me anything happen. He promised also to visit back in PI after 2 years which we did last 2008. He told me that he understand me that I am now far away home. Missing my family, friend and relatives is not easy. Im so thankful that through telephone I can enjoy talking my family and some of my friends. I used my husband handy to call my parents. But some of my friends advise me to use calling cards it is cheaper compare to the handy. They said that you can choice what amount you want to buy and how many minutes it takes. Which I tried one time. It is really helpful for those people living away from the family. We need a contact to them in order to have an updates it is look like that we are there. Im be thankful that god give me a very supportive husband and loving one. He is the one who provide me all I cant ask more.

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v_sanjoaquin said...

because you deserve to have a good husband sis!!! you are a good person, that's why. you both deserve to be happy. im proud of you sis!!! thanks for the time