Friday, February 26, 2010

Good Vision 20/20

My parents always remind us to eat vegetables for our health and good for the eyes. They always told us the children who dont eat vegetables can be blind or the doctor come and give an injection. Im be the one who are hard headed to follow the rules of my parent's to eat the vegetables who are available in our backyard one of these was an squash. I really hated this kind of vegetables before but since I believe to my parenats saying not to be blind I forced myself to ate it.
Last month when I called them they told me that their old eye glasses is no longer suited to their vesion. So I promise to them to give extra money just to pay their updated eye glasses. That time I was reminded them the story that they shared to us before. And I need to mention too to them to eat their vegetables. lol.
After a week my sister sent me an sms informing to call my parent asap. I called them and my father told me that they need an eye operation. Each of them has cataract right eye for my mother and left eye for him. My father mention that the Doctor advised them to undergo operation before the cataract damages their eyes. And after the operation they need to have the updated eye glasses. I hope they had have the successful OP.

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chubskulit said...

ako mads 10/10 hehehehe.. oisst nagbalik na palan PR mo ah..