Monday, February 1, 2010

Find Duplicate files

I feel bad when our old CPU destroyed by the virus. My husband purchased a new one but in our dismayed some other program was not installed. In order to answer the problem need to go to computer shop to inform them. Sad to say that their answer was negative. They say that the installation of other program was another payment. Oh boy it is a good service? So my husband contacted his practicum I.T student were he worked in my husband department. Thanks god that he install other program here in our new CPU. I feel sad that all of our old pictures from the day that I arrived here in Germany until to the latest one is there in our old CPU. And it is not transferred to the new one. I miss all my memorable pictures like our vacation in Norway, vacation in PI 2008 and our class photo during my German language class and much more. I miss all those photos...I learn a lesson from this experience by next time I need to make sure to have how to find duplicate files and a duplicate files itself. Now I see to it that my present photos are still save and not lost anymore.


binaryman said...

Here is another tool to try: Directory Report

John Smith said...

Using Duplicate Finder 2009 to find and remove duplicate files... Fast and Easy to use software.