Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Glass & Jewelry Showcases

Valentine will be on the next Sunday did anyone of you has a plan for a celebration? Obcourse all of us wanted to enjoy this special event of cupids day. Mostly lovers are the great celebrants for this day. Couples and group of friends, families also celebrate the event. Generally restaurant will be the busiest place for the occassion. Some make picnic, hiking or going to a disco or just chatting to with the friends. Some of my friends asked me where we celebrated our valentines. I told them that as this time we dont have idea yet. But hubby told me if I wanted to go to eat out in a new chinese restaurant here in our place. Another offer from my hubby was to go around looking for some places that look romantic. I hope the weather become better not too much snow so that all the people will enjoy thier date. For sure our partner will give us a give hubby usually give me 3 red roses but now I reminded him instead or red I love white. Or he can buy the blue pendant that I saw in Jewelry Showcases there in the mall that fit to my silver necklace. I hesitate to buy it before because I know that it only stock in my jewelry box. Now I eager to have it because I saw the silver ring that he gave me before that can be pair to it.


v_sanjoaquin said...

Lucky for those who have cupids huhu. if i am aware that valentine's day is on the air, i will not let him go.. goodluck to your date!! Make everyday a valentines day. miss you sis

v_sanjoaquin said...

Wait! can you give me also some tips to find a cupids? oh! i will love it. tips on how to make your man stay on your side forever. and will accompany you to watch the sunset and the sunrise. its just a joke.. i need a break.. huhuhu