Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring comes early

This year we did not experiencing a snow. Just a mild winter and sometime shining the sun is our weather for this time. There are  a time also early in the morning we are under the frosting time. Thank's for the good weather that god showered to us this year. My garden was in flowering time and some plants continue their green leaves. Spring come two to three weeks early , as I saw outside some cherries and other trees bloom already.
We are so lucky compare to other countries t experiencing heavy snow. Though for this good weather people got sick. As I myself experiencing the spring allergy I felt it already by neezing and running nose.
Anyway I love spring than snow or fall. It give me more energy and hope in life when I saw the plants growing up and preparing themselves in summer.

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e Joops said...

We've got the worse winter this year, lots of deep freeze, snow, and high wind...