Monday, March 3, 2014


 A pair of customes that i made for my kids during their kindergarten carneval custome.  The was "TRAVELLING BACK TO THE MIDDLE AGE'S
 A traditional celebrations here in Germany. From different towns and Cities, they had their own way how to celebrate it. People are enjoying wearing their customes . Children also are fanatic and excited to do their chores to become behave for that day. They are waiting for the parade waiting their turn to catch the candies and sweet, items that given by the group.My twins collecting a kilo of sweet. But I told them not to eat all. Good things was they followed me and asking my permission first before they eat.  And today was a holiday a Rosenmontag as they called it. A little extra pause for me and my family.

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e Joops said...

Wowowoww, you are awesome mads, I rely on buying when it comes to costume hahaha.