Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We bought 7 kilos of potatos last friday when we are there in grocery. Looking for the right kind of potato for different kind of cooking is also a nice ideas to know. I love the one that yellowish in color it is the best for grated fried potatos and for potato salad. The white structure is good for mash potato as my mother in law word. Whatever anything that good for stomach will be okey. Let us eat my potato puffe.. that was our dinner for tonight with sugar on top. Drink hot tea with honey and hunger was solve!


DorothyL said...

Your dinner sounds delicious. I personally love the little white potatoes. Here in Canada we call them 'New Potatoes" You simply wash them and toss them in a pot of water, boil them and after you have seasoned them, enjoy. Peel and all are eaten, no peeling necessary for these little bites of goodness~

Malou said...

Its ironic because we also went to asian store the other day and bought a dozen of potatoes. I love yello sweet potatoes Bru. That will last us for awhile :-) Mag guinatan kita bru ayu ako dd langka pangsahog