Friday, February 24, 2012

It's weekend

It's weekend again same routine and same job as well. Same duties and responsibilities to my twins and hubby. My life is like a circle turning in one direction. Anyway i am lucky to have my life and my family. Took good care for them is my choice and opportunity. Last weekend we visited a friend of mind we just dropby make a chit-chat and goodbye. Sad thing was Sebastian brought her house key where hubby need to drive back to them. Unfortunately the couple was not there they going out too. So hubby drop off the key into their mail box. Next morning Sebastian got a fever for no reason and reached 40 c. I gave him a paracetamol but the fever dont get down. We decided to call the "notdients" it is like an emergency. Because it was on sunday no pedia was open that day. Parenting is not easy as one two three...there was an equivalent responsibilities lies on it.


DorothyL said...

Hello Maus....
Sounds like life is moving along in a forward motion for you and that is a good thing.
Parenting is probably one of the most unpredictable and challenging jobs we experience in life. However the payoffs and happiness parenting brings us from time to time is an amazing thing. it is important to talk to other parents and compare the good stories and the not so good stories so you do not feel alone in the world of baby talk and dirty diapers :)

Maus said...

I agree to you, parenting is not just a simple thing...more love and dedications was applied...thanks for droppingby!