Friday, January 14, 2011

Bingo Sites

Tonight I chatted with my friends back in PI. She asking me about what im busy with aside from my twins. I told her that sometimes I need a break to have my own time for myself. Like when hubby was here from work, I separated myself alone. My twins and their papa playing together in children room or in living room. I allowed myself to be alone for 30 minutes, for these time I have lots of things finished. Like sorting some toys around the apartment and etc. Sometimes I gave myself also to be alone , browsing a net chatting my friends or visiting FB. Or sometimes playing on net, looking and searching for a bingo sites. Like we did as our monthly routine here in our place. And the big break for us my hubby and I was, everymonth we attend the bingo session held in Camp. There we had our bingo and together with dinner. They served by menu it is up to you to what kind of food you want to order. Drinks is also served there choice what kind of drinks you wanted to.

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