Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photo Books

One of my hobby was collecting photos or taking photos for myself and my family. Those photos that I was collected I see to it to write in the back. From when and where it was taken. Sad to say that some of my old photos was distroyed by the fire in Manila. Where we rent small room together with my uncle. And some of my photos were saved from the fire was distroyed by a typhoon in Legazpi. And now I start all over again, and see to it to bring with me some of my old memo photos.
Well, im a person with a touch or personal things. It is really appreciated if you have an effort to do in one things that personalised by yourself. Im am so pleased where Rose sent me a christmas card with personalised photo cards for her family in US. Thanks rose!
I can treasure it when the time come. When we are great grand mother already. lol

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