Thursday, January 6, 2011

Company checks

How's the New year everyone? Well we celebrated our End year and New Year celebrations. Together with our family and close friends. The occassions was good and all will had a smile in the face. Holiday gatherings is one of the especial occassion to celebrate with. One reason is to say goodbye for the old year and welcome the new one. Back in PI during holidays that was our pause moment from the work. Aside holidays like christmas and new year was our happiest moment in the work because we recieved gifts items and cash gift from our employer. It was a big help for us then. Mostly the cash gift giving was held after the party and some gift items also distributed. But for those people who dont attend the said occassion cash gift was forfeited. Lucky for those who have valid reasons, because management will consider those reasonable alibi. For those lucky one will recieved and the company issued a company checks they can withdraw it directly to the bank. Or they can deposit it in their account. Well miss those days that I am still working, though the salary is not big as you think. It was just enough for a single person. But still I am lucky to have a permanent job as I dreamed of.

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