Friday, January 29, 2010

Sleepy Time

Being a new mother is not easy specially they are twins. Every month or a week they chance their moods. Most of all they are active from time to time. It is hard to explain how was the feeling of being tired and happy. Tired because I have double work for my twins happy because they are the blessing for us after a longtime of waiting for them. We just wish and ask god to have a baby but he gave us babies. A big gift and at the sametime a blessing. I really admit that Im tired for a short time they are now 6 months old. I think and wish the help from my family specially my mama. For sure if they are here I am not tiry as of now.
At least I have somebody to lean on during the freak hours of twins the sleepy time. As I observed their sleep now is in the morning they are awake at night. We shared one room and we are planning to separate them if they are 1 year old. That is why we are now planning to buy a new leather beds for us so that they are not disturb during the night if my husband snores. They are sensitive in noise even a single step they heard they are awake instantly.

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