Saturday, January 30, 2010

Queen Torrent

As far away from home we missed some of our daily activities back then. Like going around with the friends, chatting with them enjoying the moment together with the family. And for sure we miss the tv show that we watch daily. But through internet we have an alternative that we can do far away from our birhtplace. Like for me I do watching news, movies and download music by using torrents search using this site could be a big help for us to enjoy the movie that we wanted to watch. Not only movie you can enjoy also watching your favorite videos, news and current events that everyday can happen.
There are lots of things using a net to explore the whole world. Through also the internet world I met my husband and now we are enjoying our life together. By this technology also I met lots of friends online. Communicating to my siblings and some friends back in PI. As I remember I do search also through the internet about the topics that is new for me. Anything under the sun you can search it here. Where so lucky to have this modern technology not like before during the time of our great grandfather.

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v_sanjoaquin said...

really, internet is such a great help. it makes you connected throughout the world!! how lucky we are because there are genius people who are good enough to discover things as this. kudos! miss you bru. thanks