Saturday, January 30, 2010

Insure Yourself

Another year round again our tax declaration need to submit in finance department. That is why my husband remind me to ask my father for his tax declaration in back in PI. We sent a little amount to them monthly. We reported it as a help or a support to the finance department here in Germany. With these we have a little amount of tax refund. Not only taxes that we need to look for hubby is an agent about insurance. A government insurance some of his friend ask his help to join the said insurance. What I like most here in Germany was the health insurance that the government obliged everybody. We cannot deny that being sick is expensive unless you have your own health insurance. Back in the PI insurance is only for those can afford to pay. What in first world country it is an obligation to everybody to have one. It is better to have one than nothing it is not a new here being a member of any insurance. Like short term insurance is a good idea to have it. We dont know what happen to us if we travel or we go to other places. It is not really expensive one really affordable to everybody. Better to secure yourself than nothing.

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