Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Entrecard Dropper!

To all my Droppers here thank you so much for the support! You are the reason for the survival of this blog! This is the result of the last 30 days.

Dropper # of drops
My Hideaway 8
The Pride of Hingotanan Bohol 7
Scifi Chrome 6
Unique Ideas For Your Beach Wedding - Planning Your Own 6
Down Home with the Kenyons 5
Small and Simple Things 4
Rose's obstacles and glories 4
Things I Did Not Know Before 4
Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you dont mind,it doesn't matter 3
Recent Vistors 3


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Have a prosperous, blessed and happy new year, Maus. :)

Cecile said...

i am not sure whether we are the same age, how old are you na ba? i think i am a little bit older than you. ok lang, congrats nga pala for your first pregnancy, am i right? take care always hehehe

Madz said...

WOW, my 3 blogs pasok d2! Will try harder this month.. thanks sis...mwah mwah mwah

chubskulit said...

oiiiist nakaiba ako hahahaha

Cecile said...

Maus, thanks for visiting my blogs, too :-)you are part of it, too!

Rechie said...

wow, it's i am the to0p dropper here..hehehe..thanks for posting this

Rechie said...

Wow, i am the top dropper here...thanks for posting this