Monday, January 12, 2009

Im back

After a week that Im not online due to some reasons, i found out that my Pr was gone. Maybe because Im be offline for a week, i can't make blog hopping and some blogging works that my PR retain. Anyway accept the reality, the important is i enjoyed meeting some good friends here in blogging worlds. Hope i can hopping starting tomorrow. Miss u guys!


Madz (Boholana ) said...

sistah, thanks God you're okay.. bsta don't get too stressed ha, ingat u lagi... mwah wmah wamh

Cecile said...

i missed you, too dear :-)good to have you back. take care!

Dhemz said...

hello tfaye..musta na po! glad to hear you're back! Rose and I noticed your PR3 palang PR mo is from the mine when I checked my blog with blogspot on was PR3..check mo yung sayo add mo yung blogspot..makikita mo na PR3 ka