Saturday, December 20, 2008

Do you know?

Who first said : "Of the People by the People , from the people?."

The first 99 persons out of 100 will reply , "LINCOLN" and the 100 th person will add, " in his Gettysburg Address."

The famous phrase , familiar to million of school children and their elders , actually is 619 years old, and once appeared in the Bible!

In John Wycliffe's introduction to his translation of the Bible published in England in 1382, these words occur: " This Bible is for the Government of the People by the people , and for the People."

One of familiar words by us is this phrase, sometimes we just agree for the common answer that we knew, but in some point there are some roots for the correct answer.
Just a little information about what i had read and i want to share it with YOU!


AiWY said...

That called democrate.
Smile for you today.

RJ said...

Si John Wycliffe's pala ang nagsabi nito?! May natutunan ako today!

Merry Christmas!

[Nakarating ako rito galing sa Trip ni Kosa.]