Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kernwasser Wunderlund

During Afternoon.
This afternoon we have a walk together with my mother in-law and my husband, first we go to garage sale which held in a centrum which lot of sellers participate the garage sale which they called here "Trödel Markt". My husband bought for me the second hand 6100 nokia handy cost 20 euro, which is almost new i think that is a good price for it. Last year i have fun to collect Handy's i don't know if i can continue this hobby since we know that handy cost money.

During at Night
After our trödel markt we went to Kernwasser Wunderland its not far from our place only 10 mins driving, or walking distance i thought this place is just a small amusement park here which i am wrong for my expectation.

When we go inside there are lot 'of rides, hotel,disco, restaurant and more facilities. My husband told me that this is the old nuclear site but since the people dont like the nuclear atomic site the Operation dont continue by a German Government.

They convert it to amusement park and a Hotel instead. One big thing we enjoyed for this day aside from seeing all around and visiting some of their buildings and facilities, they offer eat all you can you can visit there whole restaurant without paying anything from drinks to food and amenities all for FREE. So we enjoyed our coffee drinks and some food in I guaranteed that our stomach are full.


chubskulit said...

galing naman nyan, thanks for the tour mads, at least dawa sa picture nakaabot na ako dyan hehehe..

Kumusta pregnancy?

Dhemz said...

wow! galing....asan na yung pagkain? hehehe....:)

Dhemz said...

Ay honga...musta ang pregnancy...hahha..daya naman nito..kayo kayo lang ni manag rosa ha...nakikialam din ako...hehhe!

RJ said...

Kahit winter daming namamasyal sa amusement park? Sarado ba ang Kernwasser Wunderland, with heater ang buong park?

May rice ka bang kinain that night? o",) Ako kasi naghahanap pa rin talaga ng kanin, sumasakit ang ulot ko kapag walang rice! hahaha!

Maria said...

Wow! nakakainggit naman kayo. Well, were stuck in the house. Palumot kami. It's freezing outside -5 degrees. kumusta ang christmas? ready na ba lahat?

Youngest said...

very nice photos my friend! have a wonderful christmas with your family!