Thursday, December 18, 2008

My sorroundings

When i am in a serious humour , i very often walk by myself in park which 150 meters from our home . Where the gloominess place , nature and the use to which it is applied, with the solemnity of water fountain and animals around brings the calmly of the place and nature who are lei on it are apt to fill my mind with a kind of melancholy or rather thought fullness of nature to human being.


Weng F. said...

I love walking too,gandan din ako, pag nasa goo mood ako, papasyal pasyal sa park. exercise na rin.

Madz said...

Hiya my dear sistah, lagi nag-eerroe chat box ko, hina kc ng connection nmin at the moment!! Anyway, was only going to inform you to collect my Christmas presents...heheeheh

Take care my dear... wmah wmah wmah

Madz said...

EC dropping too, nklimutan ko! hahahahhaha.. kulit tlga noh!!!