Sunday, October 12, 2008


Theres a saying Opportunities knock at once. The decision to make over an opportunities in our life is easy or sometimes its difficult. Every decision that we made has a consequences. Could be good or bad .We can say these was the beauty of our life. To be or not to be for that decission. We get to live off the decisions we make and paths we take.

Our path was not really set for us because God allows us to select what paths of life we wanted to take in, meaning we have lots of choices. He allows us what is our purfose in life. He dont dictate us do this and do that.We have free of will. Some follows thier heart what they wanted to be and some took those opportunities. Other are succesful and some are regretful for what kind of decisions they made.

Our Life is our journey there are lots of road intersections you dont know where to go, and questioned ourself is this the right way going to my purpose life? Which give ourself meaningful and colorful decisions. Other succeed and some failed. I end up my blog about another saying of MAXIMUS "What we do in life, echoes in eternity..." The echoes we will hear in eternity is due to the choices we made.. face the challenges we choice, we dont need to regret maybe thats our way we be for today and our dream for tomorrow.

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