Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Refrigerator

Our refrigerator is not only for food storage but it is also an ideal storage place for a whole array of non-food items. Here are some of those things.

Camera film for instance will often stay fresh beyond its expiration date if its kept in the refrigerator. Candles won't wilt and lose their shape in hot weather if they're refrigerated and if they're stored for 24 hours or more in the fridge they won't drip when burned. Clothing that's been ruined by chewing gum can be saved if it's placed in the freezer compartment. This will turn the gum brittle and make it easy to remove with a knife. And also good for our lipstick to keep it refrigerated that's melted can be reshaped after it's chilled, perfume and cologne too got to retain their fragrance longer.

Refrigerator is well known only for those edible things , we need to took good care for those non edible products if we applied this tips. Labelled it or wrapped it securely. I know somebody who drink the alcohol accidentally. He came from school and directly open the refrigerator and grab the white bottle for he know that is water, without his knowledge that was a transfarent alcohol. He acknowledged the smell and taste of alcohol after he drink it because of he is so thirsty. lol..

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