Friday, October 10, 2008

What do you like most -Jam or Jelly?

Every morning my husband breakfast was coffee, coffee and never ending coffee--(lol) white bread, marmalade plus butter and his first love nutella. That's his daily routine and boiled egg every weekend. Almost everyday i saw the marmalade; i wonder why what was the difference between jam and is my research.... Jam is made from whole or crushed fruit and jelly is made from the strained fruit juice only.

Almost any fruit makes delicious jam or jelly. Jelly is made by boiling fruit juice with sugar. The substance that makes jelly or jells when it is cooked instead of remaining thin and syrupy is called pectin. Pectin is come from the fruits from which jam or jelly can be made. Jam is made by cooking and jelling the fruit in its own juice.

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