Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Health best friend

Vegetables and fruits is our health best friend I see to it i eat it everyday. I make an experiment for different variety of salad made of vegetables and fruits. One of these are the combination of Avocado's and tomatoes. Just sprinkle iodized salt and pepper and put drop of olive oil. It's very nutritious and good for the diet. Way back in the Philippines my parents prepared avocados with condensed milk and chilled it or put ice cubes, its our favourite in the family we called it homemade ice cream, because of its creamy taste.

The leafy vegetables are also good for our digestive system it help to clean. They say when you eat leafy vegetables you have your own janitor inside your digestive system they carried out all those hard feces because they are rich in fiber. Green leafy vegetables is one of those premier vegetables that seem to inspire in our good health on every level.

  • maus

    Malou said...

    i can live with only vegetables served everyday...my favorite ;-)

    Cecile n' Matt said...

    faye, missed that "homemade ice cream" :-), my mom used to do that, too! i did that here once hubby loves it!i'll be adding this blog on my lists also.

    Weng F. said...

    I love eating vegetable. Kung mura lang vegetable dito,araw arawin ko ang pagkain hehe.
    dami mo na pala na post sa new bey mo. add ko to ha.
    galing mo Fe

    Maus said...

    lou- yap for me too everyday veggie is better than meat.

    ate ces- hehe wala kasing pang buy ng ice cream kaya yun na lng!

    weng- added you already thanks sa pag hanga heehehhee...mas magaling sila simple lng po ako!

    Malou said...

    i like your layout and the color looks refreshing

    chubskulit said...

    lumaki ako sa gulay lol... buti na lang, kundi di sana ako mag...... galing mag...... luto... wohoooooooo... joke lang, not a good cook haha/..

    mads papatay ng word verification plsss... tnx!

    Ailecgee said...

    Correct ka dyan! Vegetables are really great on our health. Kaya I eat veggies whenever possible!

    Maus said...

    thanks for everybody who share here an idea about this post!