Thursday, October 16, 2008


Mirror Mirror on the wall who's prettiest them all?!
These was the famous words in the movie. (forget the name).
Mirror is important to us to look our face and figure. What you see is what you get.
Did you know how the mirror work just to show our beautiful face?

Most mirrors are made up of a sheet of glass with a coat of silver paint on the back. The silver paint reflects the light that strikes it. The glass is to protect the soft paint and keep it bright.
When we stand in front of mirror, we see ourself because the light is reflected from you to the mirror and back from the mirror to your eyes. (really amazing)
In a regular mirrors we couldn't see ourself, because the light bounces straight back out.
Mirror is very important now a days specially in cars, houses, parlor everywhere you can see mirror. In ancient time people used polished metal just to see themselves or they used it in other things.

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