Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beer Time

As we know that Germany is famous for Beer. I saw here not only 10 kinds but more . I feel amazed how was the taste of each kind of these beers. They define it from different alcohol content and color. Here in our place we have the Beer brewery, they brewed and served fresh beer the taste was very good but still a little bit bittering.

The main ingredients in beer are water, but did you know that there's a qualification of water to produce good beer? They classified it by two Hard and Soft water from hard water they produces dark style beers, and from the soft one are more suited for the light one.
Still remain my questions unanswered from where the bittering taste of these beer come from? One day when we go walking around my husband stop me for a while and discuss about this plants called HOPS- according to my husband this is the main bittering ingredients of beer otherwise the beer taste like soda with alcohol without this kinds of ingredients.

Water and Hops are not the only ingdredients of beer that was only my wonders in my mind how produces the beer. The rest ingredients was Malt, Yeast and Clarifying agent. Without these even there is a Hops and Water they dont produce delicious beer a bestfriend from beer lovers.

  • MAUS

    chubskulit said...

    hmmmmnnn interesting.. too bad am not into drinking beer hahaha.. am a water gurl..

    . said...

    all right! october fest p rin! beer beer and beeerrr.....nice 2 knw! take care


    Maus said...

    hehe mads and sunny
    minsan lng ang beer curious lng sa taste!

    Kwagoo said...

    awww.. i'm same as chubskulit. i've never really acquired a taste for beer :(