Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Mood and the weather

Is rainy days get you down? My answer yes i feel better when the weather is sunny than rainy days.
In research said that our moods affect by the weather sorround us. Temperature, wind and sunlight were found to have an effect on negative mood. Sunlight also had a mitigating effect on weather why people are easily got tired. According to the magazines that i read , people living in the places where more sunlight they wear more smiles in their faces compare to the people living in the cold places. Maybe this is the reasons why Filipino are one of the most happiest people in the whole world.

Wind had more of negative effect on mood in spring and summer than in fall and winter.
When days become shorter, some people's moods mirrored that, while others actually felt more positive risk for " seasonal affective disorder " SAD.

The positive moods are including the feeling active, alert, attentive and excited. While the Negative mood are feeling irritable , scared, upset, guilty. My mood sometimes belong to the negative moods i don't like it but sometimes you cannot avoid it. But i see to it to become balance with positive and negative moods. ------Smile even our world seems dark look for a bright side of it!.
  • MAUS

    Umma said...

    I believe so because if it is gloomy, I feel blue too bu the rains make me happy bec I love to bundle up and just sleep snugly into my bed.

    Maus said...

    hello umma thanks for commenting here
    got affraid for ur blog about snake spa, hehehe i want to drop comment but cant handle my fear..imagination with the snake into my body hehehe...

    sunny said...

    i agree,heheheh! weather really affects my affect,,,hehehehe! i love sunny days, but i hate when my shirt is totally drenched with my sweat,the feeling is awful...I love rainy days too, i dont have the feeling of staying in at home in sulk rather i always imagine rainy days with a pot of coffee sharing with a friend...hehehehee!

    Weng F. said...

    galing mo ha. Educational yata mga post mo.
    Turuan mo naman ako kung paano mag lagay ng link. expert ka na yata.hehe

    niko said...

    i agree,

    rain makes me sad. aside from the flood it will cause on the road i have to take just to get home when im at work..

    but also it makes me sad because its dark and cold outside!! :)

    thanks for dropping by my site maus. take care!

    chubskulit said...

    Rainy days makes me grumpy and lonely! Its like depressing to me..

    Saminda said...

    Hi there,
    Yes, you can add me to your blogroll! I'll come visit you too. :), Saminda.