Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Outdoor activities

Last August 2007 we spent our vacation in Norway. We had lot of activities that we enjoyed one of these was fishing and hiking since Norway is rich in a nature . My husband decided to go to his friend were the owner of mineral spot and you can have some minerals you can buy or found in the nature. For that activities we need to walk and need to climbed the higher part of the place. We really enjoy the said activities although the weather is not good, its rainy that time and cold. Another day we go around and decided to stay in a camping ground where you can rent the small place. For these kind of camping place you need to provide yourself Char Cloth, Fire Steel, Tent Poles, Fire Piston, Camping, Backing, Hiking, Outdoor Adventure Gear were many people stay with. It is our vacation with plenty of unforgettable moment. Were looking forward to have another vacation in Norway next year. For that we need to prepare again some outdoor gadgets that we can buy online.

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